In September and October 1914, the front was still moving in the Moyenmoutier and Senones region. The Germans were losing ground but succeeded is establishing themselves at Senones and on the Roche Mère Henry, which overlooked the town like a scenic viewpoint. On 31 October, the 363rd Infantry Regiment attacked the rock that had been fortified by the Germans, allowing the French to get closer and dig trenches below. On 10 December, a new attack strengthened the advance with the destruction of a German blockhouse. A fierce struggle ensued, bringing the skills of explosives and grenade specialists face to face. The extent of the destruction was such that the crest was nicknamed "Pelé" (literally, Baldy) in 1915. After having raged for several months, the mountain warfare diminished but never fully came to an end. A 2 miles long path with explanation signs about Wold War I.

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